Application Software Solutions


ECT provides a complete suite of application software solutions using Rockwell Automation Logix platforms. ECT performs extensive testing of all products using closed loop simulations to ensure trouble-free operation in the field. These application solutions are encapsulated into standard RA Logix system hardware that provides a complete SIL2 certified machinery control solution.
  • TurboPAC™ - Complete Turbo Machinery control system
  • SurgePAC® - Compressor Surge control application
  • PerformancePAC® - controls main process variable while limiting up to five additional process, performance or mechanical constraints
  • LoadPAC™ - advanced multi-machine load balancing application
  • NetPAC™ - master compressor network control application
  • SpeedPAC® - steam turbine speed control application
  • FuelPAC® - gas turbine fuel control application
  • AirPAC™ - industrial plant air control application
  • CentrifugePAC™ - centrifuge control application
  • PACView® - human machine interface
  • VibrationPAC™ - vibration monitoring and protection application
  • SimPAC™ - advanced simulation software and services
  • SurePAC™ - Fault Tolerant Hardware Platform