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PACView: Human Machine Interface

PACView Dashboard

PACView Dashboard
ECT provides a complete operator visualization system based on industry standard components. This system can be operated on standard computer hardware or on dedicated industrial display computers.

PACView Features:

  • Dynamic process operation diagram displaying the overall system
  • Compressor performance maps showing the operating point of the machine with multiple display options
  • Trends for each critical operating signal, whether it is measured or calculated
  • Alarms and Events including times and configurable filters
  • Dedicated faceplates for each of the advanced applications contained in the system
  • High speed recording tool for selectable operating variables
  • Dedicated configuration tool to allow quick and secure access to critical control system configuration parameters
The application faceplates and compressor performance maps are ActiveX components which can be utilized on any modern visualization system. This enables ECT to provide proprietary interface solutions on every operator display system being used in the industry.

PACView Application Features     PACView Application Features