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AirPAC: Plant Air Control System

AirPAC Features AirPAC provides the latest in plant air control solutions designed to maximize your plant’s efficiency. ECT delivers high value control solutions for plant air systems with screw, reciprocating and centrifugal compressor networks including standard machine interface kits. Historically, these solutions have been available only in proprietary hardware. ECT now delivers these controls in an open platform using Rockwell Automation hardware and software. Most importantly, payback for an ECT improved plant air control system is typically one year.

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The air compressors in your plant are one of your highest energy consumers. Many manufacturers ignore the costs of producing air, even when an average of 79 percent of operating costs can be related to energy consumption.

AirPAC Features

AirPAC Features

  • Compressor start/stop and load/unload
  • Lowering the discharge header pressure while keeping the pressure above the minimum allowed pressure
  • Compressor network load distribution for different brands of compressors
  • Interfacing to remote compressors via network communications
  • Optimization methods to idle or stop less efficient compressors while utilizing more efficient compressors
AirPAC Features

AirPAC Benefits

  • Operate at the lowest possible pressure
  • Fewer number of compressors on line
  • System redundancy
  • Open system using Rockwell Automation Logix platform
  • Compressed Air Energy Management system
  • Performance monitoring
  • Capture inefficiencies
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Provides the highest ROI to customers
ECT presented AirPAC at Rockwell Automation's Process Users Group (PSUG) in conjunction with Automation Fair November 1 & 2, 2010 in Orlando Florida. The well-received presentation is available at the link below.

ECT Rockwell Automation PSUG Plant Air Presentation