Energy Control Technology Products


FuelPAC Advanced Fuel Control for Gas Turbines ECT provides the latest in advanced fuel control for gas turbines. ECT engineers high value control solutions for gas turbines (historically available only in proprietary hardware) and delivers them in an open platform using Rockwell Automation hardware and software.

ECT provides solutions for single or multi-shaft gas turbines that include speed or power control while protecting against excessive temperature, pressure and over speed conditions.

ECT's Over Speed Detection system includes:

  • Three speed inputs for each shaft
  • Local or remote speed setpoint control
  • Startup/shutdown sequencing
  • Four critical speed avoidance bands
  • Integrated Overspeed Protection
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Limiting control of Compressor Discharge Pressure (CDP)
  • Acceleration and deceleration limits
  • Modbus communications to other equipment
  • Timers for automatic cooling during coastdown
  • Independent alarming and trip functions including 'first out' indication
  • Multiple EGT temperature probes with configurable geometries
  • Generator control, including synchronizer and voltage control integration
  • Standard HMI faceplate for operation and configuration
FuelPAC Advanced Fuel Control for Gas Turbines ECT also provides a dedicated API670 compliant Emergency Over speed Detection device and advanced vibration monitoring system. These devices integrate seamlessly with FuelPAC and provides a complete gas turbine control and shutdown system in a SIL 2 package.

FuelPAC can be integrated with any of ECT’s algorithms such as SurgePAC and PerformancePAC to create a state-of-the-art control system for turbine driven compressor systems. When installed on SurePAC (our fault tolerant control package) the combination of high performance control algorithms along with a state of the art SIL rated fault tolerant hardware platform creates a superior gas turbine control package that can be easily operated and maintained.