Energy Control Technology Products


ECT provides a complete and integrated vibration monitoring, alarming and shutdown system. VibrationPAC is based on Rockwell Automations XM system. ECT has engineered this fully certified, API 670 compliant platform to perfectly meet the needs of the turbomachinery market.

VibrationPAC includes the following features:

  • Axial displacement and radial vibration monitoring
  • Bearing temperature monitoring
  • Direct shutdown based on local alert and danger thresholds
  • Buffered analog outputs for each measured variable
  • Gap and bias voltage for each channel
  • Integrated faceplates for accurate and logical representation of vibration data
  • Automatic startup and critical speed band options
Below is a picture of typical ECT installation on a hydrogen recycle compressor / turbine train.

A typical ECT installation on a hydrogen recycle compressor.