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SurgePAC: Compressor Protection

SurgePAC: Compressor Protection ECT provides solutions for centrifugal & axial compressors – surge control, performance control, Interaction Control®, and optimum load distribution of compressor networks. At the core of this technology are our advanced surge prevention and protection algorithms.

ECT's SurgePAC® Surge Controller uses three specialized algorithms to prevent surge in your compressor:
  • Surge Adapter®
  • Surge Preventer®
  • Surge Stopper®
Along with our Interaction Control® decoupling algorithm these advanced multi-variable control methods provide complete, high-speed protection for your turbomachinery while allowing it the freedom to operate within the largest operating envelope of any control system available.

SurgePAC Features

SurgePAC Features

  • Configuration parameters to customize and tune SurgePAC without changing the underlying tested and proven logic
  • Manual and Auto modes to allow SurgePAC to automatically regulate the opening of the surge control valve or to allow the operator to manually open or close the valve
  • Sharing one common antisurge valve between multiple stages or compressors
  • Integrating control of hot bypass valves and normal (cold) antisurge valves
  • Integration with an independent ECT API-670 Surge Detector application
  • Algorithms to handle side-streams for refrigeration compressors
  • Surge Protection based on power or motor current signal

SurgePAC, along with our other applications can be installed on Rockwell Automations control platforms. This can include the use of our SurePAC which provides complete fault tolerance for the entire control system.